Marisalive - 11.05.2017 12:49

So, fun fact about me, I am obsessed with #eyebrows. Now this obsession has to have begun about a ye

Egyptian Gypsy Queen Halloween look .

Unitedstatesofalexis - 02.11.2016 10:10

Hi you guys :)   I'm sorry it's been a minute since iv'e been blogging. But I ha

Fikset øyenbryna i dag

Donotfitin - 22.10.2016 20:07

Kona minnet meg på å ringe til Clip's frisørsalong i dag. Har vært hos de e

Greek goddess Halloween look

Unitedstatesofalexis - 21.10.2016 10:54

Hi you guys! :)   Today I'm doing a Greek goddess look that I got a hint from one of my fr

Marie Antoinette Halloween Masquerade look

Unitedstatesofalexis - 16.10.2016 10:57

Hi you guys! :)   Today I wanted to give you life with this over the top Halloween Masquerade l

Morticia Addams Halloween makeup inspiration

Unitedstatesofalexis - 15.10.2016 12:33

Hi you guys! :)   So today the Halloween look I'm going for is a modern Morticia Addams fr

Halloween, Mermaid inspired makeup

Unitedstatesofalexis - 12.10.2016 15:57

Hi you guys! :)   Today I wanted to do a look inspired by Nikki tutorials I'v seen on yout

Evil Queen from "Snow white" Halloween makeup inspiration

Unitedstatesofalexis - 08.10.2016 10:03

Hi you guys! :)   Today I'm digging deeper into the makeup bag and doing a Disney look for

Jeffree Star inspired Halloween look

Unitedstatesofalexis - 07.10.2016 11:19

Hi you guys:)   It's still october, and the Halloween whore(orrs) continue.. So I love Jef

Smoky eyes to the MAX!

Unitedstatesofalexis - 05.10.2016 17:42

Hi you guys! :)   Today I wanted to officially kick of the fall season with a super smoky eye l

Autumn Inspired Look

Unitedstatesofalexis - 02.10.2016 11:25

Hi you guys! :)   Today I did a autumn look with a smoky rust colored eyeshadows, with glitter,

Modern Pin-up look

Unitedstatesofalexis - 30.09.2016 07:58

Hi you guys! :)   After yesterdays plain jane look, I wanted too not do that again. So the only

Everyday Makeup

Unitedstatesofalexis - 29.09.2016 10:21

Hi you guys! :)   Today I just wanted to quickly show you what my everyday makeup is like, you

Family Glamour Makeovers Part 3

Unitedstatesofalexis - 10.09.2016 17:37

hi you guys...   so so today is the most fun makeover I have done ever I think.. My mother

Family Glamour Makeovers Part 2.

Unitedstatesofalexis - 09.09.2016 17:26

hi you guys!    So today I'm doing the next in line in my family makeovers. This is m

Family Glamour Make-overs Part 1.

Unitedstatesofalexis - 08.09.2016 13:51

Hi you guys,   like I said previously, that my blog would be in English. So now it is. Like you