Fedme den nye normalen

Dissidentene - 17.12.2015 13:34

Overforbruk av mat og drikke er fremdeles et skambelagt tabu i vår kultur. Fedmeepidemien har b

Ragu alla Bolognese

Sirifossing - 03.09.2015 14:01

Første gang jeg fikk denne servert var hosgamlenabo'n i Oslo. Den er visstnok basert p

Rice with gorgonzola

Italienskmatforalle - 07.03.2014 21:19

Rice with gorgonzola "RISOTTO AL GORGONZOLA" is perfect for lovers of creamy and tasty dis

Multicolour pasta with broccoli

Italienskmatforalle - 05.03.2014 20:32

Pasta with broccoli "PASTA CON I BROCCOLI" is a quick and easy recipe, suitable for vegeta

Pear and chocolate cake

Italienskmatforalle - 04.03.2014 21:36

Special matching for a simple and tasty cake for special occasions: pear and chocolate cake "TO

Apple pie

Italienskmatforalle - 02.03.2014 20:48

Apple pie "TORTA DI MELE" is a classic dessert and known all over the world. According to

Tart with apricot jam

Italienskmatforalle - 27.02.2014 20:20

The tart "CROSTATA" is a very simple cake to make and you can fill with jam that you prefe

Brasato and polenta

Italienskmatforalle - 17.02.2014 22:11

Braised beef "BRASATO" is a dish of traditional northern Italian cuisine, very tasty but q


Italienskmatforalle - 17.02.2014 21:53

POLENTA is a very old dish of Italian origin. INGREDIENTS for 6 people: - 1/2 kg corn flour for pole

Risotto with speck and brie

Italienskmatforalle - 15.02.2014 16:04

Original idea for a special RISOTTO! INGREDIENTS for 4 people: - 320 g risotto rice (not jasmine) -

Potato gnocchi

Italienskmatforalle - 14.02.2014 19:30

INGREDIENTS: (4people) - 1kg potatoes - 300 gr flour - 1 egg - salt PREPARING: The first thing to do

Carrot cupcakes

Italienskmatforalle - 13.02.2014 21:22

Carrot cupcakes, in Italian often identified by the name of CAMILLE, are very simple cake, soft and

Pizza smoked salmon and spinach

Italienskmatforalle - 13.02.2014 20:53

A PIZZA of our invention that will suit all tastes and all those who love the Norwegian smoked salmo

Gnocchi alla romana

Italienskmatforalle - 12.02.2014 19:31

GNOCCHI ALLA ROMANA is a dish very rich to the large quantities of butter present. The name can be m

Pizza ham and champignon

Italienskmatforalle - 10.02.2014 21:35

Pizza is definitely the most famous Italian food in the world. Today we present a variant of PIZZA C

Pasta carbonara

Italienskmatforalle - 09.02.2014 15:36

PASTA CARBONARA is a native of central Italy, the most widely used type of pasta is spaghetti but to