Justin på VMA after party i morgest

Jbieberswag - 31.08.2015 16:45

kennyhamilton: We had fun tonight! The way a party should be! @justinbieber performing #WhatDoYouMea

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Jbieberswag - 11.05.2015 15:51

hugui81: I do what I do cause it comes down from a Higher calling 🙏🙏&#12

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Jbieberswag - 25.04.2015 12:11

khalil: Came out to support our family @theworldshero at his first fight 📷: @blakerobbin

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Jbieberswag - 10.03.2015 20:25

chrissyteigen: Taped the last day (for now!) of @spikeLSB!!! Deion Sanders VS Justin Bieber, cameo b

Justin på fahlo i natt

Jbieberswag - 29.01.2015 16:16

orangegymrats: Stop slackin? and do what must be done! Stop feeling sorry for yourself and go conque

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Jbieberswag - 07.01.2015 22:18

thepatricknilsson: OGR life @hugui81 @justinbieber @orangegymrats #ogr #orangegymrats #dontbescared

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Jbieberswag - 07.01.2015 06:23

bradhaugen: I see london, I see france? @justinbieber #mycalvins johnny: Congratulations to my broth

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Jbieberswag - 19.12.2014 15:34

hugui81: The Team #TBT djtayjames: Legend #weknowthedj hugui81: #ogr Fam #dontbescared #DayWatchers

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Jbieberswag - 11.12.2014 16:08

hellokaili: Woah throwback? @justinbieber throwing water on us 💦 Justin Bieber: Great sh

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Jbieberswag - 15.10.2014 17:04

thepatricknilsson: Wolfgang Puck making us some awesome food #wolfgangpuck #food #ogr #orangegymrats

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Jbieberswag - 13.10.2014 21:02

AlfredoFlores: One year ago at the airport leaving Macau. On tour. Team Bieber: ?I was a player when

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Jbieberswag - 09.10.2014 23:02

thepatricknilsson: #tbt ?bout a week ago? week ago #koolkids #ogr #dontbrscared johnny: #tbt @justin

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Jbieberswag - 02.10.2014 16:36

ugomozie: Balmain Army. @balmainparis. #JustinBieber #StyledByUgo patrick: Oui oui! Coffee break. #p

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Jbieberswag - 01.10.2014 15:48

hugui81: All I know is WORK!! @thedatumline #oiga #ogr #DontGetItTwisted #dontbescared #DayWatching

Patrick poster video med Justin i natt

Jbieberswag - 28.09.2014 14:15

thepatricknilsson: Who knew. Close your window to avoid letting the wifi out. #wifi #funny #vine #og

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Jbieberswag - 10.09.2014 15:39

scooterbraun: Just a couple of dudes on a hotel bed talking life. @justinbieber @unclecorey @johnny