Minzy & IU~

Itskpop - 23.04.2017 17:35

Denne uken som gikk har to kvinnelige artister jeg liker veldig godt hatt comeback/debut. Siden Minz


Kajajeanette - 10.04.2017 18:41

Vår og sommer står rett utenfor døren og banker på. Det betyr en tid hvor man ka

Positive is my new black

Lykkelitakn - 19.03.2017 22:04

  Snikende ullteppe   Vil dele noe med dere som jeg nylig har blitt oppmerksom p


Nataliebrocks - 01.11.2016 15:36

Vi hadde verdens beste Halloween i går, for vi var på Hallovenn vennefesten! :) WOOOW sier

13 days of immunotherapy

Roundrainbow - 15.06.2016 21:44

Well now time is flying! It seems so long ago I started with immunotherapy but it's only 13 day

Happy Holiday greetings and POWER to you! 28.12.2015

Roundrainbow - 28.12.2015 16:25

Happy Holidays 2015 to all of you out there reading this for whatever reason! T'is the season t

I played the best 9 holes of golf after finding out I had breast cancer. Go figure!

Roundrainbow - 30.10.2015 16:39

From a good golf day and all healthy in Spain 2010 The day I found out I had breast cancer I played

Mom, you look like a bimbo! Great because that's the look I am going for!

Roundrainbow - 29.10.2015 13:04

My son, Andreas helping out having some fun with hair!! "If you are going to look like that Mom

Even in the darkness, never give up hope that the light will find you! POWER to you!

Roundrainbow - 24.10.2015 11:45

Even in the darkness, never give up hope that the light will find you! POWER to you! When the nightm

I've got a secret I can't keep!

Roundrainbow - 22.10.2015 12:12

Ready for some more dancing in the kitchen with the kids! This a great, fun, happy song by Billy Gil

Dreading telling my Mom that I had breast cancer

Roundrainbow - 21.10.2015 14:34

Christmas 2004 with Mom :) 21.08.04 After telling the kids and family here in Norway about my health


Mettes - 21.10.2015 01:19

Hun kan alt, når noen gjør det, for henne! Som om hun er en bamse... Når du er stemme

When I heard the doctor say I had breast cancer

Roundrainbow - 19.10.2015 13:12

Andreas 4 years old 11 years old 16 years old 22 years old When I heard the doctor say that I actual

I'm sure it's nothing serious! OMG was I wrong the first time too!!

Roundrainbow - 17.10.2015 17:18

From a little walk July 2015 in Sandvika with my daughter Kristine looking at my fantastic POWER oce

Happy Birthday! We got all the cancer and there was NO spreading! Best birthday ever!

Roundrainbow - 15.10.2015 15:47

August 26th, 2004 - one of my best birthdays! The only thing I wanted to hear on that birthday was t


Roundrainbow - 15.10.2015 11:58

I will be telling the whole story, but for now I will write this first post about what my story is a